A "Moment" in time

Over the last 35 years I have been photographing the worlds finest sports stars, right down to 5 year olds just beginning to learn their sport.

Once I capture that special image, I then use approximately 300 steps & techniques in photoshop, and after about 3 hours on each image, I eventually produce a unique and stunning image that resembles a beautiful painting.

Now I find that players of all ages and abilities, want nothing more than that special and unique image of them playing the game they adore.

It's the perfect birthday gift for a spouse or a treasured memory for a child who loves to play tennis. 

Over the past 15 years, I have specialized in the game I have played since I was a child and have a special knowledge and love for, Tennis.

Some of the artworks I have created of younger tennis stars are still treasured by the players and parents, even when they have gone onto worldwide success professionally.

That moment captured, is still so special to those I have photographed.

So join the worlds elite and have a special and unique image of you in action. 

A "Moment" captured forever!

Andy & Jamie Murray win in Davis Cup Doubles

Capturing The "Moments"

Even though technology has advanced the camera, I still find that as a photographer, it still takes that intrinsic knowledge to capture the "Moment"

Its the ability to know how to capture the very heart and soul of a sport or sportsperson in action.